Palo Rosa was founded on march, 2013 by a young Colombian designer who, through her brand, wishes to encompass all that is eccentric and modern, in a non – conventional manner, catering to the keen eye of the avant – grade woman who dresses only in the most exquisite pieces.

Our swimwear brand seeks to highlight the femininity of today’s woman through the mastering of hi–tech fabrics and intricate hand workmanship, resulting in a unique product which sets us apart.

Our team is constantly innovating each collection with materials, textures, and laser cuts, separating us from anything available in the beachwear market; the magic, attitude, and color, are the reasons why we can say Palo rosa Beachwear is the brand that’s there to catch your dreams.

“Each one of our pieces is hand made, with love, in Colombia using only the highest quality materials and incorporating the latest technology. Our fabrics are 85% nylon and 15% spandex; all the suits come is sizes S, M, and L. More than a swim peace, Palo Rosa is a lifestyle.”

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